DUI Penalties And Punishments

Criminal charges can be very serious and need to be treated with complete seriousness. This does apply to DUI (driving under the influence) and DWI (driving while intoxicated). While every person accused is considered to be innocent until guilt is proven, in the event that guilt is proven, penalties and punishments could easily change your […]

What Happens If the Adjuster Rejects Coverage?

If you file a personal injury lawsuit and make a claim with an insurance company, either your own or the other party’s claims adjuster may argue that the insurance policy covering your accident is invalid. The following factors could account for this type of response: The policy has expired; the nature or location of the […]

3 Things You Must Do After a Parked Car Accident

While car accidents are usually the result of a fault on both sides, where both parties are to blame for the accident in some capacity, some accidents are not your fault at all. One such circumstance is a parked car accident, where your car was parked somewhere, and someone hit it. The driver may have […]

What Are The Legal Duties Of A Driver?

When referring to driving laws, people believe everything is really simple to understand. In reality, driving laws can be very complicated. This is especially the case when looking at the fact that the law actually requires all drivers to always use reasonable care. The goal is to avoid any action that would drive people on […]

Understanding The Basic Attorney Fees

Before you hire a personal injury attorney or even someone to represent you in a divorce case, you have to understand fees. There is nothing that can lead to huge problems with your attorney like money. The lawyer you hire needs to be fully aware of every single thing associated with your case. However, this […]

Handling Your Medical Bills After a Florida Auto Accident

Based on information from the Florida Highway safety and motor vehicles website, there were over 139,970 injury cases that took place in the year 2020 alone. Accident victims throughout Florida involved in these cases have the right to seek compensation after an accident and it often wise to consider seeking legal counsel to make sure […]

3 Tips for Fighting Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets can wind up costing you much more than just the amount written on the ticket. This is especially true if you have multiple tickets or were ticketed with something more serious than exceeding the speed limit by a few miles per hour. The cost of fighting a traffic ticket could be less than […]

A Simple Guide to the Divorce Process

Getting a divorce can be a nightmare without adequate support, both relationally and legally. When you are creating your support team, make sure you include an experienced divorce attorney Tampa to guide you through these steps. Petition and Discovery When initiating a divorce, one spouse must file a petition, which needs to be followed with […]

5 Roles of Maritime Personal Injury Attorneys

Maritime workers risk exposure to different kinds of injuries during their duties. The conventional workers’ compensation act does not cover maritime workers and hence the need for maritime law. Maritime personal injury cases are often a concern of negligence from either boat owners or workers themselves. In the event of a personal injury, a maritime […]