Crime Rate in Brampton in 2023

A city of about 50,000 people, Brampton is one of the largest and most populous in all of Canada. In contrast to the historical attractiveness of European cities, modern Brampton needs it. Peel Art Gallery Museum & Archives, and Royal Ontario museum are just a few of the city’s many attractions that continue to draw visitors.

But recently according to studies crime rate has recently skyrocketed in the past 3 years and stands at 62% high than in previous years. Vandalism and theft have grown to 57% which has led to overall worry among the residents. However, drug abuse has surpassed any other stat and is at 62.90% growing among young abusers and others. Let’s get into more detail about this in the article further.

Major Reasons as Indicators for High Crime Rate In Brampton

Several authorities hold that the following factors have contributed to an increase in criminal activity which is listed below.

  • Low Income
  • Lack of Resources
  • Poor home life
  • Substance abuse
  • Peer pressure
  • Joblessness
  • An underlying need for vengeance.

Crime Prevention Measures for Brampton Residents

To avoid being falsely accused or to save yourself from harm we have rounded up the three major preventive measures. You can take these in account living in Brampton in order to stay safe.

Avoiding Home Intruders Precautions

7 house break-ins occur daily in Brampton, on the median. It’s not uncommon for robbers to pick their housing strategy to focus on the qualities of the building that will give them the best chance of committing the crime undetected. For this reason, put in some security measures like video monitoring and smart locks.

Locals must keep their bushes trimmed so that they can see out of every room and entrance in their homes. Don’t forget to lock the garage and the screen door even when you’re inside. An additional locking mechanism for your windows and sliding doors may be something good as well.

Hire A Criminal Lawyer

With a high rise in crime, there can be cases of hit and run and falsely accused as well as others. In such cases, you should contact a reputed agency and hire a trusted criminal lawyer in Brampton and GSP Law offers customers interest in this case.

For a lawyer to fiercely represent you in court, he needs to be dedicated, experienced as well as skilled, and the experts at GSP Law specialize in that. With a well-known criminal lawyer on your side, your case’s success rate jumps to an exponential level.

Preventive Measures For Substance Abuse

Due to Poor home life, and lacking or no fulfillment in a person’s life, a big population resorted to o substances like drugs and alcohol. Learning how to deal with stress effectively may help you deal with the challenges you face and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

There is a lot of influence from your peers, both in high school and afterward. In order to avoid giving in to social pressure and maintaining your drug-free status, it is important to practice saying no in positive ways, coming up with plausible excuses, and making plans in advance. Addiction and mental health problems are often seen concurrently.

Get specialist care from a therapist who is certified to work with people who are coping with mental health issues like stress, depression, etc.  They will teach you effective ways to deal with your problems without resorting to unhealthy means, such as alcohol or drugs.


There is a high crime rate in Brampton because a large portion of the population is engaging in criminal activities, particularly those involving drugs and alcohol. You may learn to deal with these stresses and maintain a healthy, happy life by practicing stress management techniques.

You may save yourself time, money, and stress in more ways than one if you take preventative precautions against burglary and vehicle theft and hire an experienced criminal attorney.

Encourage a safer and healthier lifestyle by forwarding this article and the advice it contains to your friends and family.