Everything You Should Know About Maltese Citizenship

Maltese passport is known for the ease and travel freedom across the European continent and European Nation. As a Maltese citizen, you can travel to up top 180 European countries, including Canada. The island boasts one of the fastest-growing economies in the European countries. It also gives you many business opportunities as well as world-class free education for the whole family.

Investing in the Maltese Citizenship Programme gets you a European password for every member of your family. However, it requires you to make extra contributions to your dependents to obtain citizenship. If you have any children born on the island after you have become a Maltese citizen, they will automatically inherit Maltese nationality.


Applying for Maltese citizenship needs to hold permanent residency for six years, out of which you must have lived in Malta for four consecutive years. As a foreign citizen, you can also get a work permit and a subsequent residency permit. After which you can initiate the process of Maltese citizenship, following the same conditions.


It takes at least one year for the process of Maltese Citizenship to complete. Malta is one of the Schengen countries as well as a vital part of the European Union. It means if you acquire Maltese citizenship, you can access to almost every country of the European continent.     


The Government of Malta offers foreign individuals investment programs to acquire Maltese citizenship with two options on how they can fulfill the requirements of the residency program. One of these options is to invest in a real estate property, such as an apartment in Malta, for a minimum cost of Euro 350,000. The second option, on the other hand, involves leasing or renting an apartment in the country for a minimum annual rent of Euro 16,000.