Why There Is an Interest in European People to Move to Malta

If you talk to European people, they usually have some great plans for their retirement days. At the same time, these are the people who like to explore the world a lot. In recent years, you must have noticed a lot of interest in Europeans to move to Malta, which is again a European Union country. But why Malta when there are so many other great countries in this region? You can say that one of the reasons people want to move to this country is because of the Malta citizenship by investment program. Yes, invest some money in the country and get the citizenship of one of the best countries in the world in terms of beauty, climate, and quality of living? Do you ask for anything else from your place of residence?

However, if you want to live in Malta through this program, you will have to come up with some big investment as well. In short, this program suits more to people who are investors. However, there is some great deal of attraction in Malta for you if you are about to retire from your career. Malta Retirement Program is yet another one great initiative from the government to attract foreigners into the country.

Under this program, you can receive your pensions in Malta as you reside in the country. In addition to that, you can make some income within Malta, but that income must not be more than 25% of the money on which the Maltese government will charge you a flat tax rate of 15%. You can rent a property if you want or own one if you have the money to do so. Last but not least, the country also has some great appeal for businessmen. You can set up a private or public company in the country without going through an exhaustive list of requirements.