3 Codes You Can’t Forget About When Building

Any large project comes with a lot of steps, rules and plans to ensure it’s completed to the highest quality. However, with large-scale projects such as multi-family dwellings or skyscraper professional buildings, small errors can creep in pretty easily. Anything that affects a large amount of people has to be taken very seriously, and not following the government’s safety standards can land a real estate investor looking for a commercial real estate attorney Austin to settle a case or clear their name from a dispute. Some of these small cases can begin by forgetting small details that actually make a big difference. Here are three seemingly small building code violations that can have lasting effects.

1. No GFCI Outlets

Electricity is essential in big buildings. Whether it’s for office work or people’s houses, outlets are one of the most essential elements in the building process. However, not all outlets are the same. Ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) are just like regular outlets, but they automatically shut off if they sense there’s too much electricity flowing that could lead to a fire or circuit overload. With so many people using electricity in big buildings, this is essential in ensuring safety for everyone inside.

2. Wiring Something Outside a Main Junction Box

In large buildings, circuit boxes are a big deal. They sort of function as the control center for the building, and if there’s ever an issue, it’s much easier for an electrician to address a problem when everything is right in front of them. According to codes, all electric wiring has to go to a metal box. This reduces the risk of fire. If you’re the overseer of a space someone rents, make sure you know what renovations they’re making because adding something as simple as a ceiling fan may lead to big problems if it’s not wired and connected the right way.

3. No Smoke Detectors

Make sure there’s a reliable system set up to detect if there’s a fire in your building. While many new projects have this checked out thoroughly before opening up, the bigger problem comes as a building ages. Someone needs to be checking your fire-alert system frequently to make sure the batteries haven’t gone out, or wiring hasn’t gone bad. You can never be too safe when it comes to people’s lives and protection.

Investors have a lot to figure out and stay aware of during a real estate development project. The more detailed, organized and on top of the build you can be, the better off your final project will end up.