5 Roles of Maritime Personal Injury Attorneys

Maritime workers risk exposure to different kinds of injuries during their duties. The conventional workers’ compensation act does not cover maritime workers and hence the need for maritime law. Maritime personal injury cases are often a concern of negligence from either boat owners or workers themselves. In the event of a personal injury, a maritime worker or passenger should consider hiring a personal injury attorney. Here are some of the reasons to hire such attorneys:


Some want to view a maritime accident as a normal personal injury case. The fact is, there are aspects of maritime personal injury cases that distinguish them. For starters, maritime law differs from the standard workers’ compensation. After a maritime accident, you should hire an attorney with experience in maritime personal injury law.

The expertise and experience of such attorneys have a great significance on the outcome of your case. Their focus is on this area and is thus well-equipped to help you. Many times, the defendant in a maritime personal injury case is a re-known business or corporation. It means they can easily hire a team of legal professionals to represent them. You, therefore, need an expert who is well-versed in maritime personal injury to deal with the defense on your behalf.

Court Representation

Dealing with court systems and procedures may at first seem easy. However, the process and tasks involved in a maritime personal injury lawsuit are complex and can be overwhelming for you to deal with it by yourself. Imagine the daunting and endless process from filling the case until compensation settlement.

A maritime personal injury lawyer makes the process seamless for you. With their knowledge in maritime law and experience handling court cases, you don’t get to feel the pressure of the case as they can handle it. The Law Offices of Charles D. Naylor take pride in their years of experience in handling maritime cases.

Prevention of Unfair Compensation

Insurance companies are in for business, which means they never have the best interest of their clients at hand. Most will strive to offer you a lower compensation package than your worth. Maritime personal injury attorneys’ main focus is to settle your claims and ensure you get your rightful compensation. They have experience dealing with different insurance companies.

When you are dealing with a corporation or company as the defendant in your case, chances of rightful compensation without a lawyer’s presence are slim.  Companies want to protect their reputation; they will therefore do everything possible to kill the case. With an experienced maritime personal injury attorney, you stand a chance in court.

Prevention of a Long Drawn Legal Battle

In some cases, the defendant wants to drag the case so that you, as the aggrieved person, give up and let go of your justified compensation. With an attorney, the process can be shorter and smoother. Your lawyer will build a case, gather sufficient evidence, negotiate with insurance providers and get your rightful compensation.

With their experience in handling maritime personal injury court cases, they know which tabs to press and the easiest ways to get a court ruling within the shortest periods possible.

Extensive Investigation

No case stands a chance in court without sufficient evidence. If you are filing a personal injury claim, it means you are blaming someone’s negligence for the occurrence. You, therefore, need to prove the said negligence for you to be compensated.  Gathering evidence is not as easy as it seems; you won’t know where to look and who to question with no experience.  It is even harder if it involves questioning your superiors in the workplace for answers.

A maritime personal injury lawyer knows where and how to get the needed information. They do have a team of expert investigators that will leave no stone unturned.  The information they gather is what the court uses to give a verdict and essential when negotiating with insurance firms.

Maritime personal injury lawyers and their strong, competent team, together with their significant years of experience, are what you need for your case.