How to Prepare for a Child Support Hearing

The divorce rate in the United States is 2.9 per 1,000 population — or just over 782,000 divorces per year — according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Often, children are involved in a divorce, which means one parent typically ends up paying child support to their spouse to help support their children. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 85 percent of child support providers were male.

If you are in the midst of a divorce and have children, then you may need to prepare for a child support hearing, which could determine how much a parent needs to pay in child support. If you have a child support hearing coming up, there are several ways you can prepare.

Speak to an attorney. Never go into a child support hearing alone and without legal support. Hiring an attorney, such as an attorney from Cordell & Cordell, can help ensure your spouse is not granted everything they request and so that your assets and life’s work are protected.

Know when your hearing is scheduled. According to the Office of Administrative Hearings for the State of Oregon at least 10 days before the hearing, a Notice of Hearing will be sent to you via mail with the date and time of the hearing.

Know what questions will be asked. During a child support hearing, the judge will want to glean specific information from you and your spouse. Potential lines of questioning include:

  • The needs of the child: How old are they? What does it cost to support the child or children, including, food, clothing and educational needs or childcare?
  • Sources of income: How much do you earn per week or per pay period? How much do you have in your bank account?
  • What are your expenses: What are some of your larger or more serious expenses, for example, expenses for health conditions or for supporting a child with another person.

Get in the right mindset. Like with anything related to divorce, child support hearings can be stressful. You need to go into the hearing with the right attitude. Attorneys, such as Cordell & Cordell law professionals, can help prepare you.

They can ensure you are ready to:

  • Be honest. Layout an accurate representation of your financial situation, your child’s needs and your typical expenses. Don’t try to manipulate the information to benefit yourself.
  • Stay focused. When answering questions, don’t stray from the topic and provide straightforward responses.