What Do Product Liability Attorneys Do?

Are you currently in need of product liability counsel?  Are you not sure what to do now?  Competent product liability attorneys can make sure that you receive the compensation and justice that you deserve for the faulty product.

What are product liability attorneys?

Product liability attorneys  specialize in prosecuting individuals and companies that have created a product which caused you or your family harm. They can also defend you if you have been accused of creating a product that causes harm.  These attorneys have not only been trained and educated in law, but have also practiced in court.  They may be more beneficial if you have compensation or something serious on the line, as they are required to practice in a court of law and know how to handle a case.

What counts as a product liability claim?

Product Liability Claims

There are three different types of product liability claims.

  • Manufacturing Defects: sometime between leaving the factory and the place of purchase, there was an error with the product. Examples: swing set with a cracked chain, tainted batch of cough syrup, or a vehicle missing a brake pad
  • Design Defect: the idea or design of the product is defective. Examples: a particular model of car that has reoccurring issues such as overheating or any product that fails to do what it was designed for
  • Marketing Defect: these involve inadequate warning labels or instructions that make the product dangerous to use. Example: A waxing kit that doesn’t highlight the dangers of the hot wax

Knowing which type your case falls under is absolutely crucial to winning your case.  It is also critical that you contact the product liability attorneys as soon as you decide to pursue the case.  This is important due to limited time to file because of applicable statutes of limitation.

If you contact the product liability attorneys too late after the product defect has been noticed and recalled, you may lose the chance to seek compensation.  If the recall has been known for a while and you didn’t act, it could potentially damage your case.

Faulty products are nothing new. Unfortunately, this is something that has happened countless times throughout history.  This is especially more harrowing when it is something important such as medical equipment.  If you or loved one as gone through a product defect that has severely impacted your life, please consider legal action.

Author bio- Barbara Parson has been involved with personal injury and burn injury lawsuits for the past twelve years and wants to share her knowledge with others.