DUI Penalties And Punishments

Criminal charges can be very serious and need to be treated with complete seriousness. This does apply to DUI (driving under the influence) and DWI (driving while intoxicated). While every person accused is considered to be innocent until guilt is proven, in the event that guilt is proven, penalties and punishments could easily change your life. Always consult DUI attorneys Las Vegas if charged with DUI so you can avoid penalties like the following.

Jail Time

In most US states, the very first DUI offense is considered to be a misdemeanor. This means the punishment is not that serious and can only go as high as one year in jail. Fortunately, in most US states, maximum jail time can be a lot shorter. For instance, in New Jersey, the maximum first DWI jail time sentence is just one month. And in Pennsylvania, the first DUI cannot be punished by hail time.

When looking at subsequent DUIs, we have to discuss greater jail time sentences. The mandatory sentence needs to be quite longer than the very first one. For instance, in the state of Colorado, minimum jail time for the very first offense is 5 days. For the second one, it is 10 days. And the third one brings a minimum of 60 days. However, the maximum jail time is 1 year for all three offenses.

How much jail time the sentence warrants is influenced by several possible circumstances. For instance, in some US states, the punishment for DUI and DWI offenses is higher in the event that BAC (blood alcohol concentration) was high when arrested. There are several penalty enhancements connected to accidents conducted while DUI.

When the DUI is labeled as a felony, it is common to have those accused receive longer sentences. Specifics do depend on the state laws, case facts, and what the judge thinks about your crime.


Most DUI convictions will result in a fine. These fines do vary a lot from state to state. However, those factors that are increasing jail time will often increase the fine amounts for the convicted drivers.

In several states, the standard first conviction for a DUI has a fine of up to $2,000. When looking at subsequent offenses and the aggravating factors, the fines can easily go as high up as thousands of dollars.

License Problems

When convicted of a DUI, there is a very good possibility your license is going to be suspended. This is done by motor vehicles department mandate or by the court. The suspension period is usually connected to the number of convictions you have. As an example, in the state of California, this period for the first conviction is 6 months. For the second conviction, the license suspension is 2 years. With the third one, we are talking about a suspension of 3 years.

Obviously, your charges and fines can be lower or higher. This is based on what happened, the courts, and how good your DUI attorney is. You should always hire one to help you through this tough time and you will notice that there are several legal defenses available for you.