Traumatic Brain Injuries Are Serious

An accident can happen at any time and it is critical for everyone to be prepared. Even the smallest of accidents have the potential to lead to serious injuries. A seemingly innocuous event such as a slip and fall accident could lead to something called a traumatic brain injury. it is important for everyone to be familiar with the serious problems this medical issue can cause.

How Do Traumatic Brain Injuries Happen?

Traumatic brain injuries result from a blow to the head that leads to a temporary or permanent alteration in the way the nervous system processes information. While this head injury can happen at any time, there are a few common causes. One of the most common causes is an auto accident, where someone smashes his or her head against the steering wheel or dashboard. Other people suffer a head injury while playing sports such as football, basketball, or soccer. Finally, other individuals suffer a head injury in physical altercations.

How Is a Head Injury Diagnosed?

Most head injuries are diagnosed clinically. This means that doctors take a look at the individual’s symptoms, combine this information with the mechanism of the injury, and make a diagnosis. On the other hand, imaging procedures such as CT scan or MRI will be needed to make sure that complications aren’t developing. Some of them can be quite severe.

What Are the Potential Complications?

There are a few serious complications that might result from a traumatic brain injury. The brain is responsible for sending motor signals to the rest of the body, helping to coordinate complicated movements. The nervous system is also responsible for judgment, inhibition, and personality. Therefore, brain damage can lead to complications in all of these areas. People can suffer from numbness, weakness, chronic pain, and personality changes that can strain personal and professional relationships. The medical bills associated with these complications can be expensive. A personal injury attorney Columbia MD can help families assess their options.

Are There Treatment Options Available?

If someone has been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, there are treatment options available. Some individuals will require emergency surgery to relieve the pressure that builds up in the skull. This can prevent further damage to the body’s central nervous system. Sadly, if neurons are damaged, the complications are usually permanent. More research is needed to develop new diagnostic and treatment options for these serious head injuries.