3 Things You Must Do After a Parked Car Accident

While car accidents are usually the result of a fault on both sides, where both parties are to blame for the accident in some capacity, some accidents are not your fault at all. One such circumstance is a parked car accident, where your car was parked somewhere, and someone hit it. The driver may have stayed to resolve the situation, or a worse case maybe if the other driver escaped the scene.

In both circumstances, it’s a great idea to hire auto accident lawyers who can look into the legalities of the matter, and get you your due compensation from the accident. Following are some of the steps that you must take after a parked car accident to ensure you don’t miss out on anything that may result in a lack of or reduced remuneration for your parked car accident.

  1. Call a Law Enforcement Agency

To make sure that your accident is properly reported and filed, you must call the law enforcement agencies. One of the officers will file an official accident report and will document it. These documents will be a requirement when you later go on to claim from your insurance company.

Some information that may be helpful is knowing the name and ID number of the on-site officer. You could either get a copy of the accident report at that point or request it later on from the appropriate precinct.

  1. Have Proof

The second thing that you need to do, apart from calling the police is compiling evidence on your end regarding the accident. While the police accident report might be sufficient in instances, it always helps to have additional proof with you that documents the incident in more detail.

You may also note down information specific to the circumstances of the accident such as the approximate time, weather, and site of the accident. Similarly, if possible, you should also take photos of your vehicle and its surroundings. If there are any marks on the car or the road, it might be a good idea to take pictures of them as well.

If the driver did not stay at the scene or leave any contact information, then the accident may be classified as a hit and run. This may not be covered by some insurance companies, and only some states consider it a felony if no person got seriously injured in the accident after the driver did a hit-and-run. In such circumstances, it’s ideal to have a team of lawyers who guide you about the right way forward.

  1. Inform Your Insurance Company

Lastly, to claim your insurance, it’s best to inform your insurer as soon as possible. That will make it easier for you to report it since you’ll be easily able to recall details appropriate to the accident and complete the claims process. If the other driver left their contact details, then you should share this information with LEA as well as your insurer so they can settle the claim themselves.

These are some of the crucial steps that you must undergo if you have faced a parked car accident and secure your chances of getting remuneration.