Everything You Need to Know About Disability Insurance

“There’s nothing more debilitating about a disability than the way people treat you over it.” – Solange Nicole

Have you been injured in a motor vehicle accident, or perhaps in the workplace? Or, you might have contracted an illness like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (what used to be known as ME). And, you are unable to work.

Unfortunately, as highlighted above by Solange Nicole, modern society is not always complimentary about people who are disabled and unable to work. The common question, although not always verbalized, is whether the person should really be on disability or whether they are faking it because they are too lazy to work.

Nursing Injuries or ill: How to pay the bills

What other people think is not relevant to whether you are injured or ill and can no longer work. This topic is merely noted because it will be something that you might have to deal with along your journey to wholeness and healing.

However, the most important question that must be asked and answered is: How do you source an income while you are unable to work?

The short answer is that you claim against your current disability insurance policy.

Disability Insurance: Why, what, and how?

Disability insurance, both long- and short-term, as described by www.investopedia.com, is a “type of insurance that will provide an income in the event that a worker is unable to perform their work and earn money due to a disability.”

Thus, based on this definition it is easy to see that the solution to the financial challenges while you are unable to work. However, there is also a caveat here. Firstly, you need to have taken out private disability insurance through a company like Unum.

And secondly, because Unum is a corporate company designed to turn a profit, it might be a challenge to get paid out what you deserve based on the policy you signed up for. Thus, to make your life easier, it’s a good idea to hire an Unum disability claims lawyer to manage your claim for you.

The legal expert you speak with understands the corporate insurance industry and their need to pay out as little as possible. Thus, the fight to get what you are due from the insurance company is no longer your fight. You no longer have to navigate your way through mountains of paperwork that are full of difficult to understand legal jargon. And, you will no longer have to collect a raft of supporting paperwork from both the medical specialists and your employer. Should you have some of the relevant documentation, you can just give it to your attorney.

Otherwise, your attorney will fill out the forms, collect the supporting documentation, and file the claim with Unum. Should they reject the application or attempt to pay less than you are entitled to, your attorney will discuss this with them, and worst case, file a legal claim in the civil court.

Final thoughts

Hiring a disability attorney to manage your insurance claim will give you peace of mind, reduce your stress levels and allow you to focus on getting better. In other words, your priority will be to cope with the emotional and physical ramifications of your short- or long-term disability.