When To Seek Help With an Injury Claim

If you are injured and confused about what to do, then you may need to hire a Beverly Hills personal injury lawyer. Navigating this kind of lawsuit can be tricky

An Insurance Company Is Calling You

When you are injured and wish to make a claim, an insurance company will most likely contact you and try to get you to take a meager settlement. Insurance professionals are very adept at finding ways to save the company money by offering low payouts. It will be necessary for you to consult with an expert attorney who knows the ins and outs of the insurance industry.

The Insurer Opposes Your Claim

An insurance company may deny your claim and refuse to offer any payment. Personal injury laws are complex, and you may not know when an insurer is applying these laws incorrectly. The insurer may also prevent your claim from being processed for a long time so that you become more willing to take a small settlement. It is difficult to get a fair settlement from an insurer without hiring an attorney.

You Experienced a Significant Injury

If your injury is severe enough that you will require long-term therapy or lifelong care, you should hire a lawyer with extensive knowledge of the medical field. Personal injury law firms have access to seasoned medical specialists who can offer advice on how much you will have to spend on your care. A lawyer can also determine how much you are owed for pain and suffering as well as employment income that you will lose as a result of your injury.

You Are Not Sure Who is Liable

Some accidents and injuries have several individuals who might be at fault. In this situation, you may find yourself dealing with a few different insurance companies. Insurers will attempt to find a way to prove that you are to blame for your injury. If they do, it is possible that you will receive an inadequate settlement or none at all. A law firm can work with insurance companies to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of money that you have the right to receive.

You Cannot Afford To Represent Yourself

Even if you are able to manage a complicated personal injury lawsuit by yourself, you may not be able to afford all of the legal fees involved. If you are still able to work, you will probably have to take time off in order to manage your case. A personal injury attorney will have a dedicated staff who can save you time and prevent some of the stress that managing your own claim can cause.

Personal injury lawyers usually offer a free initial consultation. They do not charge their clients in advance and do not charge an hourly fee. Rather, they work on a contingency fee, which means that they do not get paid if their client loses their case. If they are able to get a judgment in their client’s favor, they receive a portion of the settlement awarded by the court.