Documentation Needed a Make a Traffic Accident Claim

An accident occurs abruptly and unexpectedly and alters the normal order of things. It causes death or injury to people and damage to property.

After the recovery from the injuries of a traffic accident, it is necessary to gather all the documentation, essential to present the corresponding claim.

But what documents are required to have when filing an accident claim? Keep reading to find out.

Required Documents

This involves the details of the accident and they are as follows:

  • A corporate certificate: more detailed report of the incident, which includes photographs, date, and the venue where the accident occurred
  • Personal damages
  • Documentation of the vehicle
  • Insurance policy -Police document of the certificate, the witness information and the registration of the other vehicle
  • Medical reports
  • Document of our attending physician, reflecting the injuries and future treatment
  • Emergency assistance report
  • Document of sick leave/discharge
  • Material damage
  • Displacement invoices: if you need to travel and the vehicle is disabled
  • Vehicle repair invoices: necessary to be able to claim the damages caused to the car

Compensation for a traffic accident must cover three types of damages:

Physical damages, they also include the costs of vehicle and housing adaptation, if necessary, the costs of hiring a support person for the daily routine if this is necessary. The last one is psychological damages; this includes those suffered by the relatives of the affected as a result of the accident.

What Are The Steps To Follow After A Traffic Accident?

  • Realization of a friendly part where the responsibilities of each part are specified. The details of both drivers and insurance companies also appear, and so, in this way, you will know which company you have to claim.
  • Collect all the medical information where the injuries are certified, both for emergencies and for the attending physician.
  • Contact the insurer: You must send all the documentation to the insurance company to analyze it and offer you compensation. The response period is 3 months. Probably at this time the company will summon you for your doctor to evaluate you.
  • Negotiation with the company: Once the company makes you an offer, you can reach out to a Manhattan car accident lawyer to help you reach an agreement with the insurer if you disagree.
  • Filing a lawsuit: In the event that an agreement with the company is not reached, you can sue them.

Do You Need A Lawyer To Claim Compensation?

Having a car accident lawyer is very important when claiming compensation, regardless of whether you want to make a claim or not.

In recent years the laws have undergone many changes, so it is important to hire an expert car accident lawyer who knows well how they work.

You should not only hire a lawyer but an expert in traffic accidents. There are people who rely on the services of the insurance company’s lawyer to make the claim. This is a mistake! Be safe and hire a lawyer to represent you.